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First launch

After downloading the launcher unpack it on your computer.
Once you have done this, run the HLBot.exe file and wait until the required files have downloaded
The launcher will change its name to a randomly generated one
Now all you have to do is select the language you want the bot to be in and login with your details.

Key information

  1. Account login
  2. License time remaining
  3. List of supported servers and their status
  • - Means that hlbot supports this server and provides updates if needed
  • - Means the bot currently doesn't work on this server but we are working to fix it
  • - Means the server may work but doesn't have to and no further updates/fixes will be provided
  1. Change the sorting of the server list
  2. List of all updates
  3. Select pathway to server client
  4. Select server client .exe file

    Selected file CANNOT be the AutoPatcher!

  5. Inject into running game client
    Just double click LMB onto the selected process

    It's the most effective injecting option